Monterey's Tasty Olive Bar

Taste from over 70 varieties of olive oils and balsamics

Welcome to Monterey's Tasty Olive Bar, where there are over seventy varieties of olive oils and balsamics to choose from! All of our olive oils come from two different hemispheres in Tunisia and Australia, and our balsamics are aged the traditional Solera Method from Modena Italy.  Open everyday at 10:00am.

Our Newest "Oro Bailen" Picual EVOO is here!

"Oro Bailen" Picual EVOO (Robust)

A beautiful Spanish olive oil that bursts with savory notes of green tomato leaf and creamy green tea! This incredible balanced oil has a slightly bitter center which gives way to a hint of sweet almond and a pleasant pepper finish! Sure to win multiple awards, we own the exclusive rights to this precious Spanish beauty! 

Enjoy with a fresh salad or on your everyday cooking! 

Check Out our new EVOO'S from CALIFORNIA!

Coming from our home state, is our two new plain extra virgin olive oils (EVOO'S); SEVILLANO EVOO (MILD INTENSITY) and ASCOLANO EVOO (ROBUST INTENSITY)!

 The CA SEVILLANO displays notes of fresh green herb & floral taste. This olive variety produces low oil yields making it even more rare. The flavor profile is very interesting and different from anything else.

The CA ASCOLANO displays notes of stone fruit, green banana, and berry fruit, making it one of our most pungent oils on our shelf! Very robust peppery finish!

Both are great everyday olive oils! Don't miss out on getting one of these delicious and unique CA EVOO'S! 

Don't say goodbye to summer yet...

You can still capture the taste of summer with this fantastic salad featuring our dark chocolate balsamic!

2 cups of spring mix

1 cup of sliced strawberries

1 cup of cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup of honey roasted peanuts

1/3 cup of dried cherries

a splash with dark chocolate balsamic

blend everything together, and congratulations! You now have a delicious and elegant salad. Enjoy!

Creative ways to reuse and recycle!

From Bottle to Dish: the journey of an MTO olive oil bottle

Slumped from Debbie's sister's kiln, a bottle undergoes the magical transformation into a dish!

Slumped from Debbie's sister's kiln, a bottle undergoes the magical transformation into a dish!

Happy July! Here in Monterey, we are always happy when there are some new, creative ways to recycle, and we are definitely very enthused with our new product! Our small bottles are melted down and then pressed to become the perfect little cheese platters, dishes for olive pits( you know, the olives that you bought from us, of course) or a little souvenir that can hold small spoons at the dinner table. Here are some other creative uses to recycle a bottle:

1. Bring it to our store! We take a dollar off the refill to encourage recycling. Make sure you wash it first, since you can do any flavor. Petites unfortunately are not under this discount. 

2. Wash it out and arrange with any of our other size bottles and place some flowers for the perfect centerpiece. 

3. Creative candle holder--just place a candlestick and seal by placing the base of the candle near some heat. 

Have any interesting ideas? Let us know! 

Exciting new products--from Olive Oil of the Month to New Flavors!

We've now debuted our Olive Oil of the Month program, with a promotional price for a short period of time until June 13th--seize the moment while you can! Every month, we will ship a medium (375ml) bottle of a handpicked oil or balsamic that will be delivered to a door of your choice. This will be perfect for any holiday or event gift, such as weddings, graduations, or anniversary gifts. Order here.

We are also introducing two new flavors: the Wild Fernleaf and Dill Olive Oil and French Tarragon White Balsamic! Both are very herbaceous, which means that they will be extremely versatile in cooking and food preparation. Try the Wild Fernleaf and Dill Olive Oil in baking herbed breads such as rosemary biscuits or foccacia, and try the French Tarragon White Balsmamic with a nice Asian Chicken Salad! 

Last but not least, Gift Certificates are now available. Customize any price you'd like and tell us who you'd like us to send it to! We have fixed options on the website but you can call the store at 831-242-8900 to request any value you'd like to add.