Monterey's Tasty Olive Bar

Taste from over 70 varieties of olive oils and balsamics

Welcome to Monterey's Tasty Olive Bar, where there are over seventy varieties of olive oils and balsamics to choose from! All of our olive oils come from two different hemispheres in Tunisia and Australia, and our balsamics are aged the traditional Solera Method from Modena Italy.  Open everyday at 10:00am.

The robust flavors of our olive oils and balsamics make them a perfect candidate to finish or marinate your prime cut red meats. Read on and see what pairings will make your beef shine!

Pairings for Red Meat and Beef

Tuscan Herb EVOO + Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic

Arguably our most versatile pairing, this savory pairing will add the strong Italian flavor with our Infused Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Sicilian Lemon Balsamic. Just place your steak in a ziploc bag with half a cup of each, and place in your fridge overnight. The amazing flavor is worth the wait!

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Milanese Gremolata EVOO + Traditional Dark Aged Balsamic

Our Milanese Gremolata is unlike any herb combination oil you've tried--it's refreshing, with a hint of lemon and mint, and yet surprisingly sticks to basics as well, such as parsley. This pairing is perfect for someone who is pushing the envelope at the dinner table! Drizzle a little on top of pork roast for a wonderful aromatic flavor. Also great on potatoes!

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California Garlic EVOO + Espresso Dark Aged Balsamic

 What a surprising combination! The Espresso Dark Aged Balsamic is surprisingly nutty, giving your pork or beef the perfect flavor when combined with the classic flavor of Garlic Olive Oil. Combine the two for a bold and crowd-stopping pairing! Marinate medallion steaks and serve alongside pearl onions.

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Sole Standout: Tuscan Herb Olive Oil